Plantation Management

Ceylon Nutrinut Holding is engaging with managing its own organic plantations which give Certified Organic Coconuts and inter- crops to its Production. The Nutrinut Plantation Management system is working towards to establish integrated operation in value-added Organic Coconut Processing starting from our own plantations to our global distribution. Currently we are managing 1000 acres of Organic certified lands with Coconut and manymore intercrops such as Pineapple, Banana, Manioc, and Bee farming enabling potential income nearly 2,000 US dollars per acre from coconuts only assuring our own innovative, effective, and efficient scientific methods and standards. It causes to uplift farmers living style who engage in plantation operations as well.

Main Features of Our Agriculture Land Management Program are

  • Best Solution for Labor Shortage
  • Minimum 30% Additional Yield
  • Higher Land Productivity
  • Own Agricultural Equipment
  • Inter-Cropping with Spices
  • 100% Peace of Mind to Land Owner
  • Most Modern Irrigation Systems
  • Application of Best Agricultural Management Practices
  • Latest Administrative Control Systems
  • Online System to Monitor Development Progress
  • Total Professional Management
  • Innovative methods to Manage Inherited Coconut Lands.

Our Nutrinut plantation in Kurunegala

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