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Natural Artisan Soap
Hair & Skin Oil

Nutrinut produce natural coconut soap using Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, blend with 100% natural Ayurvedic herbals, sustainable plant based essential oils and natural fragrances which is totally free from all kind of harsh chemicals, pore clogging animal fats, lathering agents and synthetic preservatives.

We are not following commercial production process at all and all our soap products are handmade by Cold Process method in small batches.

Carefully selected natural ingredients are mixed at an extremely lowest temperature securing all the goodness and rich nutrition profile in every single ingredient. The well mixed ingredient batch going through a saponification process converting fats and oils to Fatty Acid Salt and Glycerol which are the most important component of a Natural Soap.

Then, hand poured mixture storing nearly 06 – 10 weeks to slowly cure, while naturally evaporating its water content and hardening into Mild, Long-Lasting, Rich Lather bars.

Nutrinut always ensure to follow Uniform, Consistence, Natural and Eco-friendly process to keep your skin happy and healthy while securing the environmental sustainability and healthier planet by preventing the use of harsh chemicals, synthetic ingredients, and Animal fats.

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